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We repair Gas & Electric: Stoves,

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Appliance repair in Anthem Arizona

Basic Tips for Stove Care:

Start Early or Start Now:
Maintenance for your stove will be most effective if you start as soon as you bring home a shining new stove. However, if your stove has been neglected until now, starting right away can still improve the efficiency and life expectancy of the stove.
Be Consistent:
You can plan maintenance and cleaning based on how much you use your stove, but once a month is a pretty good rule of thumb.
Become Familiar With the Owner’s Manual:
You’ll learn a lot of valuable information right off the bat by reading through the manual. For example, is it okay to use a cleaning solution inside a self-cleaning oven? The manual can answer this question & many more for you. (Don’t use the solution unless it was made specifically for self-cleaning ovens.)
Clean Safely:
Clean only when the stove is cool to the touch and using cleaning solutions according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Remember to Maintain Your Unit:
Maintenance and cleaning should go hand-in-hand. Once cannot be done without the other in mind, as each one improves the effects of the other.